We make diversity count. Literally.


Through co-creative, relentlessly solution-focused workshops where we turn your employees into internal management consultants, we rewrite the processes and routines that are not up-to-date in your business using a diversity and inclusion lens. We do this by exposing where biased perspectives and preferences are preventing your business from achieving its best operative effect in regards to the future you will operate in. We make it possible to harness diverse brainpower so that it matters for your bottom line.



So far, we have helped transform more than 50 global heavy industrials, banks, law firms, retail and tech companies, each of which employed between 20 and 100,000 employees and operate in 100 markets around the globe. And we have definitely made some noise about the stories we’ve been doing. Here’s a few of them. 



Teaming up with us looks like this. If you want real change, you are going to have to look for missing links, narrow perspectives and out-of-date autopilots in your real systems, and it will not always feel nice. But working with us will not hurt a bit. Because, we always work with this end in mind: making sure your business can respond to the future before it gets here. And, as a bonus, you get more empowered and satisfied employees.


Our products

We believe that your employees have the stories, the everyday anecdotes, and (with some knowhow, tricks and tools from us) the insight into what it’ll take to increase diversity and inclusion in your company. Read about our Wake up call sessions, D&I Due Diligance Labs and our Diversity Impact Toolbox. 



We Are the StoryDoers is a large and diverse team of change agents, planners, chaos pilots, workshop and process facilitators, project managers, creative directors, designers, producers, business developers, lobbyists, technologists, programmers and most of all storydoers (as opposed to only being storytellers). By teaming up with our professional network and our talented friends, we manage to be just as small or as big as we need to create game-changing projects across the globe.