We`re not into telling fairy tales. Happily ever after is the result of day-to-day activities and everyday behaviors that actually make a difference for your bottom line.

Diversity and inclusion are concepts that are full of promise and progress – but too often they are stuck on the shelf in vision and strategy documents. They are nice words on paper, but the words themselves hardly lead to change. Making a real change requires more – it requires a journey that starts with your own employees.

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Here’s a quick presentation of what We Are the StoryDoers offers.
Hot tip: They work best when used together. 

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Best buy when... You need to get the buy-in and the dedicated resources from your company’s executive management team, in order to get serious about making diversity and inclusion a part of your core business, culture, processes and routines. 


Best buy when... You want to create lasting change by letting your managers and employees transform personal insights into everyday actions that increase diversity and inclusion at your company. The Diversify Labs give your employees the tools and perspectives that help them do the following: explore how they work with diversity and inclusion today; identify the gaps in their routines that keep diversity and inclusion out; and come up with specific, concrete solutions that promote change.


Best buy when... You want to help the leaders within your organization to trigger inclusive ways of leading, strategizing and acting in their everyday work. We create individual action plans containing everyday practical techniques that minimize and/or contain the effect of bias from interfering the leaders' actions, behaviors, decision making and judgments. Through speed training and with the help of our "De-bias app" over time we encourage and challenge the leaders in a way that align the individuals stated intentions of inclusiveness with his/hers everyday behaviors.


Best buy when... You want your employees to catalyse a rollout of the Diversify Labs to a wider section of your organization. The Impact Toolbox & Trainers Bootcamp is a standardized concept that enables management teams and employees at all hierarchical levels and in different geographical areas to be presented with the same knowhow, perform the same exercises, conduct the same type of discussions and be able to set up local action plans. 


Best buy when … You want to tell the story of your change journey ­and keep up to speed on the global diversity and inclusion field. The Follower’s Platform helps you collect and broadcast the insights from your Diversify Labs. We follow up on your local action plans by producing communication on how these new strategies impact your operations. We produce articles, engaging films, infographics and other types of media messages that tell the story of your change journey ­– thereby reinforcing it. At the same time time we are scanning the globe for best practices and insights to make sure you can continue your informed journey in the D&I field.


Best buy when.. You want to meet with, benchmark towards and learn from other companies who share the same stories, experience the same challenges and opportunities as your organization when it comes to how to work with diversity and inclusion.

This kind of straight-up, “all cards on the table” reporting takes courage, but the benefits for each participating company are invaluable. It’s a way for all our brilliant clients to share stories and challenge one another, and of course to stay excited about their own diversity progress. The hubs are designed to keep your own D&I work agile and effective.