Here’s what we know for sure: Statistics, data and a global top-down strategy don’t change attitudes and behaviors – meetings and conversations between real people do. This is why a key part of our work is connecting people within a company and taking the time to define the topic of diversity and inclusion from a business perspective. We believe that your employees have the stories, the everyday anecdotes, and (with some knowhow, tricks and tools from us) the insight into what it’ll take to increase diversity and inclusion in your company. 

Here’s a quick presentation of what We Are the StoryDoers offers.
Hot tip: They work best when used together. 


1. Wake-up Call Session


Participants: Top executive management team
Time: 90 minutes

Our Wake-up Call session is the first step on the road to profitable diversity and inclusion. It’s also a bit of a trial run; we want to make sure you are up for this. We mean really ready to take the plunge. We do this session with your executive management team to get serious about making diversity and inclusion priorities and treating them as the business imperatives they truly are. We help them visualize the future your company will be operating in, and we discuss the financial benefits of valuing employees with different perspectives, preferences and experiences. 

During our 90 minutes with your global executive team we: 

  • Give the executive management team a brief run-through of how diversity and inclusion have gone from being “compliance issues” to being more closely tied to business and organizational development.
  • Show them the risks of not prioritizing diversity and inclusion.
  • Introduce our way of working and show successful reference cases from other global organizations.
  • Help them unite around the business case for incorporating diversity and inclusion practices in the organization.

After the Wake-up Call – if your management team sees the business potential of letting your own employees identify solutions and upgrade your basic business routines and processes – we move forward to the Diversity & Inclusion Due Diligence Labs.

2. Diversity & Inclusion Due Diligence Labs


Participants: Top management
Time: 4 hours
Format: Either several identical sessions for each management team or one session with all top managers. 

Lasting change happens when people can transform personal insights into relevant and specific everyday actions. That’s why we believe that the managers and employees of your company are the people most fit to define your jumping-off point when it comes to diversity and inclusion, and create strategies that will matter for your business outcomes.

During this 4-hour workshop, we explain how diversity and inclusion correlate to organizational performance in a way that is relevant to the top managers in your company. Then we give them the opportunity to explore how they already work with diversity and inclusion.  We identify the gaps in your routines that keep diversity and inclusion away, and we come up with specific, concrete solutions for change. With help from each other and an experienced workshop facilitator, the participants produce the following (and more) for their unit:

  • A vision of what their future looks like – Who will their unit meet, serve and interact with, and what will be expected of the unit?
  • A reality check and fitness estimation of the unit’s processes, routines and way of interacting internally as well as externally.
  • A selection of critical areas the unit needs to upgrade in order to incorporate a diverse and inclusive mindset.
  • A revision of the basic business systems that aren’t up-to-date, using business cases from other industries and an awareness of how to interrupt the effects of bias.
  • A detailed action plan that will help them realize their ideas.

We use a smart digital platform to prepare participants for the workshop, to capture all the good insights and ideas generated during the workshop, and then to communicate the results with other parts of the organization. 

By engaging several different units in the same workshop process and/or letting all managers take part of the same process at once, you can identify the common denominators that will have a real impact on your company’s bottom line. Combining data from each workshop will give you the information you need to establish a manifesto or policy containing the business rationale and minimum requirements for walking the talk. This will include benchmarks, KPIs and best practices. In the end, you will have a clear and actionable way to move forward with diversity and inclusion. Running the workshops on a company-wide level would signal a clear commitment and promise to lead a diverse and inclusive business.  We have the tools and experience to help on a company-wide scale. Take a look at our Diversity and Inclusion Impact Toolbox.

3. Diversity and Inclusion Impact Toolbox


Participants: Selected group of employees
Time: Scheduled around your needs

Did you find our workshops so eye-opening that you want to arrange them in other parts of the organization? We can help you with that. Whether you’re a top executive who wants to share the insights from your participation in our Diversity and Inclusion Due Diligence Lab with your co-workers, or an (HR ) manager who wants to arrange the workshops with hundreds of management teams worldwide, we can make it happen. Our customizable Toolbox and push- and play workshop concept lets you or other members of your staff plan, run and track progress from versions of our Diversity and Inclusion Labs in your organization. Depending on your ambitions, the Toolbox can contain anything from an easy-to-use workshop framework to a full-fledged workshop facilitation boot camp for the employees you select as change agents. 

Please contact us if you’re ambitious about becoming a D&I leader in your organization, and we’ll figure out what solution works best for you.


Once you’ve kick-started the change, keep it going.

No one knows better than we do that change requires maintenance and attention to keep everyone from going back to old, well-worn paths. After you’ve kick-started meaningful and effective changes, take advantage of the energy of everyone involved and keep it rolling – and make it become even greater. To help you with this, we have created Diversity Impact Hubs.


Who should come?
Anyone is who is a former, existing, or potential client. It’s a way for all your brilliant minds to share stories and challenge one another, and of course to stay excited about your diversity progress. The hubs are designed to keep your own D&I work agile and effective. 

Face-to-face workshops twice yearly. Sometimes we team up with clients to do our D&I Due Diligance Labs at the same time, making it a learning opportunity for everyone.

We connect global corporations who share the same stories, experience the same challenges and opportunities, and who understand the business imperative of walking the talk when it comes to diversity and inclusion. This kind of straight-up, “all cards on the table” reporting takes courage, but the benefits for each participating company are invaluable.

By bringing different business perspectives and tools already in place, the participating companies can co-create a mutually valued outcome.

Our Diversity Impact Hubs lets participating companies:  

  • Co-create tools, solutions and trainings to involve your employees in driving the change
  • Track and audit the trickle-down effect of your policies, routines and strategies and their effects on your business performance
  • Share best practices, business cases and enable bench learning among the participants
  • Be inspired by external experts
  • Join forces and communicate with one voice to influence important key stakeholders and political structures

Be transparent about how you work with diversity and inclusion by creating external campaigns, publishing op-ed articles or hosting round table discussions. 

Can’t wait to start? 
Click here to sign up for the next hub, and start gearing up to keep your D&I work exciting, relevant, and meaningful for the bottom line. 

Ongoing co-created products and concepts  

Diversity Impact Indicator - A tool where your company gets to track and benchmark all the ways your company is walking the talk in making diversity and inclusion a part of your everyday business. 

Diversity Impact Indicator - A tool where your company gets to track and benchmark all the ways your company is walking the talk in making diversity and inclusion a part of your everyday business.