Skill Capture at Scania

Scania is a leading manufacturer of trucks and buses with over 43,000 employees who operate in 110 countries. This ongoing project consists of building a sustainable framework at Scania that transcends typical HR strategies and increases diversity and inclusion. This is why we like to think of this new system as one that captures skills, not just manages them using outdated processes. 

Scania got tired of reading about Diversity and Inclusion as being only nice words in strategy statements, equality plans and antidiscrimination policies. Because, they strive to do the right things in real life, not just on paper.  

They believe the words matter for them to succeed in business, but they need to know what they actually mean for their everyday operations, find out how well they manage to tap into and include the diversity of people they need to reach their corporate targets, and upgrade their ways of working where they miss out. 

Since 2013 The Storydoers have helped Scania design, run and launch their strategic process called Skill Capture. It contains designing and running so called Skill Capture Initial Labs for all top management teams everywhere where Scania operates (a session where StoryDoers consultants run labs with their top management teams and where we train internal facilitators to roll out the concept in their respective organizations).  

The Skill Capture Lab is a forum where the management teams get to find out what diversity and inclusion mean for their unit and how it can help them to boost their performance. It helps them to transform their personal insights into relevant and concrete, everyday actions that will be profitable for their unit in the long-run. 

Ultimately, by engaging all management teams in the same process, Scania lets their managers be a part of creating a relevant global strategy that will help them to walk the talk and boost their business. 

Parallel to this we help them to highlight promote their identified best practices where they are walking the talk around D&I as well as tracking and communicating progress and correlation between their new ways of acting and business performance.