SMART management at Coor Service Management

During 2016 we engaged the top 350 managers within the organization to accomplish the same workshop process during 5 weeks. The outcome was updated business plans in the whole organization, all containing activity KPI’s to increase diversity and inclusion. The second phase was to design and launch a card deck to trigger more diverse and inclusive ways of acting within the organization and with clients. 

The card deck helps the employees to analyze how things are currently being done at their workplace, in their teams and when interacting with customers when it comes to diversity and inclusion. The card deck is divided into various categories: individual biases, biases in a team set-up and institutionalized biases in the organization’s processes and routines. It can be used by a sole individual that wants to gain more knowledge or by a team that wants to provide more clarity, transparency and trust between team members in order to continuously improve their teamwork. It could also be used when interacting with clients to manifest the importance of the issue for their company.