Diversity and inclusion are crucial – and desirable – for business. But infusing these sometimes abstract concepts into your day-to-day operations is a real challenge. After transforming over 50 businesses, We Are the StoryDoers knows exactly how to take nice-sounding ideas and pull them down to the ground and into the nitty-gritty of your day-to-day operations. We boost your attractiveness as an employer, supercharge your operative effect, optimize team performance, and make your products and services a preferred choice for a larger pool of consumers. How can we make promises like this, you wonder? Look closer.


We work through a series of co-creative, relentlessly solution-focused workshops, designed to fit within the demands of all the regular work you have to do. We take a “change comes from the inside” approach, which means that we do not come in with pre-defined prescriptions or roadmaps. We create a structure in which your own employees pinpoint exactly where your company fails to include different perspectives and preferences. This may be in your decision-making, your agenda setting, your innovation or recruitment processes, or in your internal and external communication. Then we help you redesign the systems and routines that need fixing, and in the process you begin to harness the diverse brainpower you’ll need to stay relevant on today’s market. Above all, we make sure to highlight where you already have processes, routines and great ways of acting in place. Because why fix things it if they aren't broke? 

We also know that, when you work hard for change and achieve it, it must become part of your corporate identity. This is why we are committed to tracking your progress and sharing the stories that make your change real and keep you energized as a business.