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Bridging the gender gap is not just the domain of governments and NGO’s. Business can and should help. That’s the firm belief within Swedfund, the development financier of the Swedish state, whose goal is to eliminate poverty by creating sustainable business in some of the world’s toughest and most promising growth markets.

Instead of waiting for the governments to step in, Swedfund believes that they, by finding ways to close the gender gap within their investments and by making gender diversity an integrated part of how they think and act, can fast-forward the process in eliminating poverty via the private sector. 

Through Women4Growth, Swedfund strives to make gender equality a reality within their portfolio companies in the Sub Sahara continent. Through three and highly solution focused workshops/labs designed and run by the StoryDoers, we manage to get more women are empowered and becoming a part of creating and driving private businesses owned by Swedfund. 

During three labs, the women are trained to scrutinize the fitness of their company’s processes, routines and ways of interacting with each other internally and externally to unleash their potential and enable them to excel to a managerial role. They select the most critical areas they will need to upgrade or keep as they are in order to strengthen their economic empowerment, access to economic resources, productive employment and decent work. Ultimately they brainstorm around ideas for change to rewrite the processes and routines that are not up-to-date or are interfering with unleashing their potential.  Both the best practices and ideas for change are ultimately presented

for their management team as well as their owners (Swedfund). They present the individual story behind each change initiative and explain why they think these initiatives are important for the employees, the leaders and the company as a whole. The management team and the employees arrive at the very best change initiatives and leave the workshop with a to-do list to get the most valuable ideas implemented within 3-6 months.